What does a treatment involve ?

The first time I see you we will spend approximately an hour and a half which will be spent making a “Traditional Diagnosis”. This involves asking you about the reasons you have come for acupuncture and both your past and current health history. This gives us a place to start to unravel the possible reasons why you are experiencing this issues.

From there, I usually ask for ideally a commitment of 3 further weekly treatments (not always possible I know but we can work round that)) to enable you to experience acupuncture and also for me to work with you and initiate the beginnings of change. Then on the fourth treatment, we review whether it is right for you and you would like to continue.

For more detailed information on what happens during your first appointment, please follow this link: Your first acupuncture treatment

Subsequent treatments will last approximately 45 minutes.


Initial appointment: £65 (90 mins)
Subsequent treatments: £50 (45 mins)