At the risk is sounding verbose, acupuncture with Frankie has helped me go from being debilitated with depression and anxiety, to being able to function, and even find enjoyment, in life whilst remaining in a stressful work environment. Frankie perfectly strikes the balance of warmth and empathy with professionalism and confidence; combined with her effective treatments, it’s a winning formula.


I decided to seek alternative ways to improve my wellbeing at the start of my menopause symptoms. Interrupted sleep patterns due to flushes and generally feeling tired and run down and wondering if life would ever be the same again. Having visited my GP and only option available was HRT, which I was not prepared to consider, I made the decision to research into alternatives. My research led me to Frankie Luckock. I chose Frankie as she met all the important criteria I was looking for in a therapist. Professionally qualified, a mother and had experience of life.

Frankie has a highly personalised approach and considers both physical and emotional factors of her clients when deciding on the most appropriate therapy plan.

From the third session with Frankie, I felt a marked improvement in my overall wellbeing. My opinion is that receiving acupuncture is a special partnership between you and your therapist to improve your overall health. I have followed guidance given by Frankie and have given the treatment time to rebalance my body. In the beginning, on occasion, after a treatment my symptoms appeared the same, but after a further two days, improved far beyond what I ever expected.

I have no hesitation in recommending Frankie; she continues to be my lifeline.


I was recommended Frankie Luckock by a friend. I have rheumatoid arthritis and wanted relief for pain, fatigue and depression caused by the disease. Frankie’s holistic and thoughtful approach has been a godsend. Acupuncture has helped both acute and chronic aspects and I know now that I can get immediate relief from painful joints, as well as other related symptoms. Her calm and thorough questions and pulse checks are reassuring, and she is good at explaining what she is doing and why. She has been a great support through a difficult time…


I have been having acupuncture treatments once a month with Frankie for two years or so and can heartily recommend her work. She is extremely professional in her approach and has made a world of difference to my general sense of well being. She was particularly helpful when I suffered from labyrinthitis last year.


I sought acupuncture to deal with my chronic problems of post-operative pain. It was so effective in seven sessions of acupuncture together. It is great to be able to be mobile again. Frankie’s understanding of different forms and degrees of pain was very reassuring from the outset. She also lifted me out of my concomitant despair with patience and respect, and giving me lucid explanations in response to my many questions.


Acupuncture has really helped me to keep a painful, stiff neck under control. As a musician this is very important to me.

Also I have found acupuncture to be helpful for sleeping problems and period pains.

Frankie is a great acupuncturist and I always leave the session feeling much more relaxed and with a sense of well being.


I am a peri menopausal woman and was suffering with anxiety, hot flushes and night sweats. Also I am currently taking antidepressants.

As a full time carer to my severely disabled husband, I was finding it hard to cope with the roller coaster ride my body was being put through and look after him. There are many scare stories about HRT and wanted to avoid going down that route if at all possible.

Through the British Acupuncture Council website and the Therapy Room website, I booked an initial free consultation. I immediately felt that Frankie understood what I was going through and would be able to help me.

My hot flushes have reduced to the point where on a good day I can go all day without one and on a bad day only experience one or two. The night sweats seem to have stopped. I am also feeling much calmer and so more able to cope with life.

My hope is that I will be able to reduce the antidepressants but this is something that will have to be handled with my GP. I feel that I am getting a lot of support from Frankie over this and the holistic view she has of me. My treatment sessions with Frankie cover a lot more ground than just inserting needles. I would be very happy to recommend Frankie both for her professional ability and for her caring and holistic attitude.


I have suffered with migraines for years and have seen specialists and have been perscribed all kinds of pain killers, but I felt that Western medicine had taken me as far as it could. I tried acupuncture and have never looked back. I have been seeing Frankie for over a year and the change in my overall health has really amazed me. Not only does the treatment address the migraines, but many other aspects of my wellbeing. I honestly feel calmer and more in control of my life. I am able to remain grounded even when life gets messy. In the past, a situation might cause me to lose my temper or feel overwhelmed but now I seem to have more space in my head to deal with it, and I feel at peace with myself.
I would definately recommend acupuncture to anyone.


’15 years after major back surgery I was still struggling with pain and exhaustion. Acupuncture has really helped my pain levels, energy and overall well being. As a bonus my menopausal hot flushes are def a thing of the past too! I have already recommend Frankie to friends and family. She has made such a difference to my health. It’s so great to feel more like me again.’

MV – Cambridge

‘I can only describe it as it feels like being given the keys back to myself.’